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ESET Antivirus

Antivirus software is crucial to the protection of your computer.  Viruses can interrupt or prevent your daily processes from running, spread throughout your network and to your friends, co-workers and business associates.

ESET NOD32 ANTIVIRUS is the software we use and highly recommend to our clients, friends and family.  We have installed this software on numerous computers currently running programs like McAfee, Norton and other antivirus applications, typically included with the purchase of a computer.  After installing ESET, we run a full scan and in most cases it finds several threats on your computer. 

ESET runs conservatively, preserving more power for the programs you use daily.  You do not have to manually get updates or schedule daily scans.  If you plug in a USB drive, it will ask to check it.  Let it!  Don't worry, pop-ups are not constantly displayed, questioning your every move, only critical actions when viruses are detected. 

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